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Design of street furniture is not easy, because the space around us is very diverse. To create a good design we need to analyze all the information on its destination, the function to be fulfilled by the product and the whats more important we need to understand customer expectations.

Our passion began in 1988, then made its first drafts, and we founded our company. Then everything happened very quickly, gaining experience, over time, we work with many clients from all over the world. Today, after 28 years of work, we are happy and proud of what we have achieved.

Each company has its own advantages and formulates goals for the future.
All our project pursued by three important principles by which we are guided.


What comes first?

Every good project at the very beginning starts with inspiration. Then comes the idea, first draft and sketches.
After this part, the detailed design is created and immediately afterwards product porototype. When everything is finished we start production.

Street Furnitures

Street furniture are an essential element of the city. For street furniture include: park benches, street benches, all the chairs and sunbeds, litter bins, recycling litter bins, dog droppings bin, bollards, planters and other elements such as the tree guards and bike racks, Our company produce also information boards, fedders, street lamps and chains.

Our company is open to new ideas and projects, we also do orders on custom request. We realize that each implementation is unique and requires an individual approach. Our team have many years of experience, which is why our service is performed at the highest level. Our work brings us satisfaction and joy that moves the customers also.

All our projects are produced for every little detail. We offer a classic and modern street furnitures. Both of these lines have been created for different spaces in the city. What is important is proper selection of a specific item that needs to be integrated into the environment. In his work, we have to pay attention to even the smallest elements of urban space, so that all looked aesthetically.

Design trends in urban architecture always are follow with changes that occur in the architecture of the macro scale. This makes it possible to create stylistically coherent and harmonious design space for public use. Our Projects are always a true complement the attractiveness and diversity of each space.

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