Bicycle racks

28 września, 2016
27 września, 2016

As a producer of street furnitures we presents a wide range of bicycle racks. All models are manufactured, with attention to every detail.

Our advice about street bicycle racks.

When selecting a suitable bike rack is good to remember that the most featured models are barrier racks, on which you can base your bike and attach them to the frame.


We offer a variety of metal bicycle racks - bicycle racks made of stainless steel, black steel racks and cast iron bicycle racks.

Two product lines

Our models are available in two variants stylistic - line of retro and modern.

A series of stylized retro it stands for historic spaces, modern line in turn modern bike racks, designed for the needs of the modern places for public use. We are the manufacturer open to the creativity of customers, and therefore it allows the performance of each individual project.

City development

Free development of bicycle transport needs to be adapted to the requirements of urban infrastructure wheelers.

Therefore, there is a need for a bicycle racks in the precinct of the city. our company offers in this respect a wide choice of models. Thanks to the simple design enables easy single track driveway and back, in order to safely fasten the frame. Bike racks are available in black steel and stainless steel.

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