Litter Bins
27 września, 2016
Cigarette Bins
27 września, 2016

Our bollards are an extremely wide range of products made of different materials and with different design.

What makes our bollards uniue?

Our bollards are high quality products with design adapted to the surrounding space. These products are very durable and functional


The bollards are simple element of city architecture, which act in a very important role.p>

Street Bolards

The main task of the bollards is to protect greenery, bicycle paths, sidewalks and parking lots for their mutual gating.

They set them along the sidewalks and lawns around the parking lots and in the increased risk, such as around schools, pedestrian crossings, intersections, etc. There are so: Sidewalk bollards, street bollards, parking bollards and general urban bollards.

Parking Bollards

Our bollards are often used as parking bollards. This series of modern contemporary stainless steel bars, which perfectly protect parks and prevent the halt in prohibited places.

The classic retro bollards series can even be equipped with two pairs of brackets to which the hook-chains. They create effective and at the same aesthetic barriers parking spaces in a classic style. Cast iron parking bollards is an excellent solution for areas of historic buildings.

Other products