Cigarette Bins

27 września, 2016
Tree Guards
27 września, 2016

City Cigarette Bins, also known as outside cigarette bins is almost indispensable element of any storage space.

Cigarette Bins can be used as a supplement to the litter bins, or as a separate element.

City Cigarette Bins

We have a wide range of cigarette bins, there is also the possibility to create your own design.

We distinguish between: office cigarette bins, hotel cigarette bins, street cigarette bins, or park cigarette bins. Regardless of the application area all should have three main advantages: functionality, aesthetics and price. Our Products is a guarantee of complete preservation of all the above aspects.

Cigarette Bin with Litter Bin

Cigarette bins with litter bns or litter bins specially adapted to the cigarette bins, the alternative proposal of our company.

This solution combines for two important functions - litter bin and cigarette bin in one. Our proposed model perfectly fulfill their roles in popular places of public space, such as main streets, entrances to shopping malls, office buildings or hotels.

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