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28 września, 2016
27 września, 2016

Planters is a novelty in our offer so we hope that the presented models tickle your tastebuds.

Our planters are referred to as modern and exclusive.

How we do it?

We offer stainless steel planters and planters made of special concrete - very durable, freeze proof - varieties of concrete resinous.

As a manufacturer we provide durability and strength, and at the same attractive prices. Our planters are manufactured in several standard sizes. They are so small and large planters. We produce, round, oblong or square planters.

Our planters

Our modern planters are both steel planters and concrete platers.

The style of our planters is very versatile and they can be used as a garden planters and street planters, paving planters and urban planters. Our planters can be used for planting flowers and trees. Of course, they can be used not only as flower planters outside. Stainless steel planters are also brought to the interior of buildings.

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