Tree Guards

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27 września, 2016
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In our company offer you will find a functional and aesthetic tree guards with are made of iron and steel.

Price, like design surely to satisfy every customer.

Tree grilles

Tree grilles are very pragmatic, and at the same aesthetic diversity of green space small urban architecture.

They are made of cast iron or sheet-metal laser-cut. Steel tree grilles and iron tree grilles serve essentially two functions. First of all, they protect the root system from damage, while allowing the free flow of water into the system korzeniowego.Our tree grilles also perform important functions aesthetic.

Tree guard

We present you a very functional and aesthetic at the same time, vertical tree covers, also called tree guards.

They are the perfect protection against any mechanical damage, which is exposed to green space usable. Tree guards are made of flat, painted in any RAL color. Especially at the request they may also be galvanized. Tree guards to successfully meet the most important protective functions in the municipal building, where urban greenery has a limited surface area, and the trees are incorporated in the commercial alleys, passageways or sidewalks.

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